Living at Edgewater

Interested parties are encouraged to come to the property and go for a walk and meet some of the residents who will undoubtedly be outside if the weather is nice! This is a true barometer for deciding if Edgewater would be a good fit for you. Coming to explore our park and seeing our great amenities in person will be the best way to determine  if you could spend your retirement years here in Rhinelander, WI!

Renting A Lot In Edgewater

Although the owners do not get involved in sales of homes, they do keep a list of interested parties, so give them a call at 715-362-8588 if you are interested in being put on the list when homes become available. And of course inquire as to Current Lot Rent.

Owner Occupied

There is no subletting, homes are owned and occupied by the owners only.

Lot Ammenities

Lots in Edgewater are approximately 60 x 100 ft minimum. Each lot has individually metered gas, electric, cable, water, and sewer.


Renting a lot includes summer mowing, and residents will do the trimming around homes and garages.

Snow Plowing

Snowplowing of main roads is provided. the residents do their driveways and walkways.


Garbage pickup is provided by the city.


Home tax is paid by the owner dependent on value of the home. These are due each month to the Edgewater management.


Mail delivered to central location along the lake with a community seating area

Rules And Regulations

At least one Resident in the household must be 55 years and over, this is an owner occupied park. Only 1 pet inside per household, and they are loved. Below you can find a document outlining the rest of our rules to make sure you have a great experience with us at Edgewater Homes!

Boating Slips for Lake Creek in Rhinelander

 If you are a tenant or potential tenant and would like to boat on the lake, please follow the link below to find our boating slips and the requirements and rules. If you need more information, please contact us.

Buying a Home in Edgewater Park

If you’re trying to purchase a home here is a guideline for finding the information.

The Edgewater owners don’t engage in the sale of homes, however we are happy to take inquires as to what is currently available and what might be coming on the market.

New buyers must negotiate a lease and agree to the rules and regulations, we can’t stress this enough, yes anyone is welcome to purchase a home in Edgewater, however without a lease and approval you may be asked to move the home and garage out of the development, no one wants that, so please real estate agents, private sellers and buyers, beware, this is a simple call to the owners. NO occupancy  until the owners sign off.

A home is sold by transferring the title. This form is available to download: